Here are the most common reasons for not getting your GPS tracking device online. Follow this guide step by step. If you have problems, contact us what step you get stuck on.

Step 1. Make sure that the following conditions are satisfied

  • First of all check that your device is supported by our software in the list of supported devices;

Step 2. Verify that your SIM card works

  • Check that your SIM has sufficient credit/balance. If you have a prepaid card, make sure you have enough credit on it;
  • Verify your APN settings. Check if there is the APN, APN Username and APN Password needed with your Telecom Operator;
  • Make sure GPRS is enabled on your SIM card (if it is not working). The best way to verify this is to test your SIM card in a mobile phone and use the web browser to verify that GPRS is enabled. (Note that some operators require you to call them to activate the SIM for GPRS) You can also test a TCP/IP service, or ask your operator, as some SIM cards only permit HTTP traffic and not TCP/IP;
  • Make sure that the PIN code on the SIM card is inactivated (or make sure the tracker can handle the PIN code). Put the SIM card in a mobile phone and go to the security settings to disable the PIN code;

Step 3. Configure your device to send data to GeoGPSlink

Read your devices manual or contact the manufacturer for details on how to configure your device.

  • Check in object list that the device IMEI is correct;
  • Check in object list that the device phone number is correct. This is the number of the SIM in the device entered in "international" format with a leading "+" and country code, e.g. +255713451310;
  • Check that the device has a network connection (GPRS status is indicated on most tracking devices);
  • Check that you are using the correct APN. Ask your operator what APN to use with your SIM. Operators sometimes change an APN;
  • Setup your device to send data to our servers IP address and device port number in the list of supported devices;
  • Setup the device to send position data every 30 seconds. Keep it simple for testing, you can add complex settings later;
  • Wait for the device to get a satellite fix, this can take some time and is best achieved outdoors with a clear sky view;

Step 4. When you try to connect

  • Click "Login" in the top right corner of this page to add your device to a user in a GeoGPS Tracker application;
  • Go to the Setting tab and Click on the one unknown button to add the device to an application;

Having trouble getting your device online?

If you have problems, contact support and tell us what step you get stuck on.
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