This section explains how to create user account.

1. Sign In Click on Registration tab

  • Enter your e-mail and security code.
  • Login details will be sent to given e-mail address.
  • Sign In to the top right corner of this page or visit:
  • Click Login tab enter e-mail and received password (You can change password in setting section).
Login instructions

Once you have been registered, follow this step to add IMEI of the GSM/GPS device.

Adding object IMEI

This section explains how to add, edit and setup GPS device IMEI numbers that are allowed to register under your account.

1. Click on Settings Object Object list

  • In object group list tab left bottom corner press + button.
  • Add object window will appear. Enter object name and IMEI.
  • You can setup IMEI number of your devices and only they will be allowed to add under your user account.
add object

2. Click "Add Object" Fill name & device IMEI Click "Save"

  • Add as many IMEI numbers as you need.
  • In object list you can edit, duplicate, clear history and remove.
  • In object edit you can add, edit information that describes object.
add object

This section explains how to switch your device to get activated and manager paid devices.

1. Click on Settings Object Object list Activate

  • All platform features will be instantly activated.
  • Click on Activate, Purchase Plan and processed your payment securely through our Paypal Account.
  • Click on Billing and choose the plan best fits your needs to expand the limit of your objects.
add object

Configure your own devices and track them with GeoGPS Server.

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