Customer Service & Satisfaction

The GeoGPS Tracker believes that quality customer service and satisfaction begins way before an order is placed, and well after the product is in the customer's hands. Customers can rest assured that every fleet tracking device will come with a one-year manufacturer's extended warranty, and free domestic-based technical support for life! Our focus is to provide the absolute best and most sophisticated GPS trackers and customer care that will reach far beyond our customer's expectations, exceeding assumptions and instilling confidence.

Founded on the principles and commitment of providing law enforcement agencies, businesses and families the absolute best vehicle tracking devices the GPS monitoring industry has to offer, the GeoGPS Tracker has been the destination for people in search of both cost-effective and technologically remarkable GPS trackers. Specializing in both passive data loggers and real-time tracking solutions, the GeoGPS Tracker provides the devices that help everyday families monitor the driving habits of teens and elderly drivers, businesses boost fleet management strategies, communication and routing, and law enforcement groups conduct surveillance operations while working on a budget.

Our proficient and dedicated team of customer service and vehicle tracking experts can help guide you to the GPS monitoring device that was engineered specifically for your needs.


What Is GPS Vehicle Tracking?
Vehicle tracking systems are small electronic devices installed in vehicles to enable vehicle owners to monitor the location of a vehicle from a computer or smart phone connected to the internet.
GPS transmits data (speed, location, heading, etc.) over cellular networks to GeoGPS where it is decoded and stored for 90 days. Vehicle owners sign in to GeoGPS Tracking on a computer or smart phone by entering their username and password. When vehicle owners are "signed-in", their vehicles' location and other details are displayed on a Map or Reports.
Yes. GPS transmits the vehicle's events (with location) the moment they occur, which you can see on our GeoGPS vehicle tracking web site within seconds of them occurring. GPS transmits its location automatically between every 5 seconds and 2 minutes. GPS transmits many events the moment they occur unless it is outside cellular coverage. GPS will store events while it is outside cellular coverage and eventually transmit those events upon returning to cellular coverage.
GPS transmits events based on how it is installed (wired) into the vehicle or equipment. It will report: engine on-off, stop, go, driving updates, idling, speeding, towing alert, tamper alert, auxiliary input on-off, engine hours, distance, location, street address, average speed, maximum speed, etc.
GPS transmits events as they occur instantly. GPS is programmed to report its location while driving whenever its heading changes by 15 degrees. This type of variable update frequency means in residential zones or areas where the vehicle makes more turns, the update frequency is greatest - ~05 seconds. However, when the vehicle is travelling at highway speeds on a straight major high-way its update frequency will be less - ~10 seconds. Speeding is reported instantly, every time, regardless of driving update frequency.


Yes. When GPS (inside the vehicle) reports activity to GeoGPS (our servers), it does so wirelessly over cellular networks. Just as with a cell phone, using those networks incurs a cost. The monthly airtime subscription you pay to GeoGPS covers the cost of GPS's use of cellular data networks. Your airtime bill will always be a flat rate it covers unlimited vehicle activity.
No. Contracts or lengthy terms and conditions are not customer-friendly, therefore we don't require them. Being our customer is really simple: Just buy GPS, install it, and pay for the package plan when you need it. If and when you don't require service, you may suspend (off-season plan is $10/month) or cancel your airtime plan at a no cost penalty. Our package prices never go up and service levels never decrease.
Yes. GPS is simple to install. Follow the detailed accompanying instructions and connect the wires required for operation - ground, constant power, ignition source. Basic skills of using a volt-meter and screw driver is necessary. Vehicle specific instructions are available - email the year, make and model of the vehicle to support@geogps-server.com Installation usually takes 45 minutes or less. If you prefer to have a professional perform the work, please contact us and we can refer you to one of installers we've worked with near you.

GeoGPS Tracking Platform

GeoGPS Tracking is compatible with Mac or Windows PC with internet access. There is no special software to install. All you need is a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. For the best experience, we recommend Safari for Mac users and Chrome for Windows users.
Yes. We offer a mobile-optimized version of GeoGPS Tracking, called GeoGPS Tracking Mobile, that's designed for your smart phone or mobile device which will require wi-fi or a data connection to the internet. GeoGPS Tracking Mobile works best on iPhone, iPad, Google Android and BlackBerry Torch (basically any mobile web browser based on WebKit).
No. We have designed GeoGPS to be incredibly simple to use - no manual required. Simply put, our vehicle tracking and fleet management system is the best in the world because it's not only powerful and feature-rich, but extremely fast, reliable and actually fun to use. Which is why our customers use GeoGPS Tracking a lot and derive tremendous value from their investment. Click "Demo" in the top right corner of this page for an online demo, browse this web site for screen shots, and documentation of GeoGPS software.
Yes. GeoGPS (tracking system) will fit any size company or organization with any size of staff. We have customers with just a few vehicles to municipalities to large companies with nation-wide fleets and our system satisfies both. Although our system is fast and easy to use, we also provide very powerful tools and customizable reports. We have sold to hundreds of companies in many industries such as: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, mechanical, oil & gas, construction, municipal, rental & lease, emergency. Our system works on vehicles as well as generators, compressors, trailers, etc.

GeoGPS Tracking Inc.

No. We are not linked, owned, or influenced by law enforcement. We can, upon customer request, directed local police authorities to the whereabouts of stolen vehicles.
Telephone technical support and training is available during business hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 till 18:00. Online chat and email support is available 24/7. We do not charge for technical support or training. When you call GeoGPS, you will speak to a trained employee. You will never be transferred to an overseas call centre. Emergency support telephone lines are open 24/7 to customers - just dial your account rep's extension and the call will be routed to your agent.