Connect Tracking Device

In order GeoGPS tracking service to correctly identify incoming data from device tracker in the settings use following parameters:

If you are new to GPS tracking, have a look at this short explanation and see how GeoGPS tracking work before you continue.

GeoGPSlink Server

Your device must be able to send GPS data with TCP/IP or UDP connection.
Send data to the following server and with required format:

  • Hostname:
  • Server IP:
  • Server Port: To select correct port find your device in the list of supported devices. Port column of corresponding row contains default port number for your device.
  • Unique ID: IMEI (15 digits "Serial number of the device")


You need the following components to get started with GeoGPS tracking system.

GPS Tracking Device

You need a tracking device for each object you want to track. The tracking device receives position information on your current location from GPS satellites and forwards it to your GeoGPS tracking. There are vehicle mounted tracking devices, asset tracking devices and personal tracking devices that include both GPS and a mobile data module.

Look at our List of List of supported devices to find a suitable device or to verify that your device is supported by GeoGPS Tracking.

Cellphone Network

Your tracking device needs to have an internet connection to transmit position data to GeoGPS tracking. The most common method is to use a data subscription in 2G or 3G GPRS/Mobile networks to transmit data to the server, the GPS tracking device uses a SIM card provided by a Wireless Data Provider. Data can be transmitted using UDP or TCP. In some cases, data may be sent to the server using SMS through the use of an SMS-Gateway.

Connecting devices to GeoGPSlink

  • Configure the device to send data to our server public IP address (found on supported devices page) and the port for the device you are using. Just click to the device you want and see some user guides and configurations.
  • Set GPS tracking device APN. (Ask GSM operator what APN to use with your device SIM card. Check if there is a username/password needed for the APN.)
  • Make sure that your GPS tracking device timezone is set to 0 GMT. If not it will show incorrect time or event won't work.
  • GPS tracking device should use TCP/IP connection.
  • Make sure that the device is configured correctly. Read the troubleshooting if you get any trouble while connecting a device to GeoGPS tracking contact our support team.

Device SMS configuration example:

Make sure to read your device manual carefully to operate the device smoothly and correctly.
Make sure that there is no call transfer and call display is on, and PIN code off.

For additional security, we highly recommend you to change the password for all your devices.
Please remember the new password, because most of the instruction need the password to set.

You need strictly set tracker ID, server, Port, APN and time interval as per example below

  • "begin123456" - GPS will reply "begin OK"
  • "time zone123456 3" [time] [zone123456] [3] - 3 is Tanzania time zone, If your country time zone is minus, send SMS "time zone123456 -3".
  • "apn123456 internet" [apn123456] [] - If succeeded, GPS will reply "apn ok"
  • "adminip123456 00000" [adminip123456] [server ip] [port] - If succeeded, GPS will reply "adminip ok"
  • "fix030s***n123456" - it will report the Geo-info at 30s intervals for 5 times. (s:second, m:minute, h:hour).
  • "gprs123456" - GPS will reply "gprs ok"

Parameters: [imei] [port]

  • imei - IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of the GSM/GPS device, must be unique number per device. Example: 862752022085875. However, some devices have vendor specific unique identifier, for example TK-103 devices use 12-digit identifier.
  • port - unique port for the device. This port is configured through GeoGPS interface and must match for the device. In case port does not match, GPS data will not be accepted. Can be omitted for the initial connections.

Getting devices online on GeoGPSlink

  1. Once your hardware has been configured, you need to activate it for your users or yourself.
    Please note that for IMEI to be recognized during registration at least one GPS data transfer is required from the GPS device.

  2. Make sure that the device is configured correctly. Read the Trouble shooting guide. If you get any trouble while connecting a device to GeoGPS Tracking review the Trouble shooting guide again.

  3. Turn on the device and put it under clear sky

  4. Sign In to Site Admin in the top right corner of this page

Follow Quick Startup Guide

Once your device has been configured, simply activate it for data display