GPS Tracking System

Affordable GPS Tracking for small to mid-sized operators, Use powerful GPS server features: alerts, reports, sensors etc.

Track & manage unlimited number of objects in real time:

Advanced business alerts and reporting
Dedicated and multi-purpose devices

All-in-one GPS Tracking platform for your business needs

We provide everything you need to setup. Tracking benefits for your everyday life

GPS Software

White label branding, custom billing, web access, mobile apps, scalable and secure cloud environment.

GPS Hardware

We support a wide range of GPS tracking devices. Most leading brands are integrated and new devices.

IT Projects

Decades strong development team brings innovative software, trusted by businesses across the globe.

Technical Support

Software as a Service (SaaS) company offering premium hosted software to vendors of asset management solutions.

Choose GPS Tracking Server

For personal use or starting tracking business

Register your account and setup your devices

GeoGPS tracking systems provide real time information as well as live tracking and reports about the fleet, merchandise and personnel, enabling the business to manage its resources more effectively, leading to potential savings in fleet running costs, increases in productivity and improved customer service.


Personal tracking account

Our system does not require any contracts, activation fees or termination fees! Users simply choose one of the three GPS tracking data plan options available and then are billed on a monthly basis for monitoring service.


Cloud GPS tracking software (we host)

Server with GPS tracking software is located in our Data Center, we undertake all technical aspects, while you concentrate on GPS tracking business. Our team will prepare server, support your service, ensure physical and electronic security and update it once new updates are out. Monthly cost of service (cloud GPS tracking software) depends on number of devices connected to server.


GPS trackers manufactured in all parts of the world

It’s currently integrated with more than 1000 models of GPS tracking devices, including personal GPS trackers, automobile controllers and software-based "trackers" installed as mobile apps on smartphones. Platform is able to process data, received from after-market sensors (weight, humidity, light, temperature and others), cameras, tachograph and other supplementary GPS hardware, connected to GPS tracking devices.

Explore powerful features to track & monitor your fleet of vehicles

We provide everything you need to setup. Tracking benefits for your everyday life


Improved planning and interventions, increased security and openness towards your clients!


GeoGPS Tracking Server Software is compatible for any device anywhere in the world. We make it easy!

User friendly

up-to-the-seconds update of your fleet, at your desk, on your tablet, or using your smartphone!

Low costs

Save time and money, accurate registrations and correct mobility - as well as kilometre allowance!


feature protects your vehicles from possible theft, thereby avoiding costly downtime and lengthy insurance claims!


Tracking vehicle activity improves driver behaviour, GPS tracking in company vehicles makes for better drivers!